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FEISOL Video Head VH-40

FEISOL Video Head VH-40

Product Review (submitted on December 12, 2015):
Likes: Small, light, mount interface is compatible with all my other camera mounts. Action works well, the panning and tilting are quite smooth and easy to control.

Shipp-ing was fast and free.

Ideal for the DSLR shooter who shoots both video and still shots. A still photography head doesn't work for panning and tilting, trust me... get a video head, though dedicated video heads are too big and not designed for DSLRs. This is a good compromise.

Ne-utral: Price isn't exactly a bargain, other more capable video heads are only $160. The safety button works with Feisol's plates but not mine (really right stuff and kirk) so it is an unnecessary button I have to push every time I attach a camera.

Safety release isn't compatible with my other camera plates so it is unnecessary button to push every time I use it. I have to try out the free supplied plate to see how well it works, though I would rather have no safety button honestly.

Orie-ntation of quick release sticks out over the screws that you need to loosen to attach the handle. Moreover, the orientation is better if the locking knob is straight ahead if you are mounting a DSLR since their mounts are oriented left to right and not front to back. I used a 13mm socket to loosen and reorientate. It works great now.

Bubble level should be on the immovable base section of the head and not on the movable part since the levelness will change as you tilt. Maybe have one on both parts?

Handle should be quickly and easily reversible to the left or right side.

I haven't found a better alternative for a DSLR shooter who shoots both video and stills. This isn't perfect, but I plan on keeping it and using it as my primary DSLR tripod head.