Customer Feedback

10/05/20 | Brian Staffen | staffen17[at]

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your advice.

I recently purchased a Feisol CT-3442 and Feisol ball head from B&H (becasue the shipping was free). It now has some scars of use. I took it out this weekend and I want you to know how happy I am with it. I particularly like the height it gave me to clear a fence in front of me but I also got pretty low with it while shooting an old mill from the edge of a stream. I liked how easy it was to set up and take down, how light it was and I liked how the ball head firmly held my camera.

I'm very pleased with my purchase and glad I went with Feisol rather than some of the more pricey tripods. I feel I got exactly what I wanted and at a great price.


09/14/20 | Dave Sit | davesit19[at]


I just received the tripod back from FedEx. Many thanks for getting this fixed so quickly.

I appreciate your outstanding customer service very much. Could you provide me with the email of your supervisor or the owner so I could write to them?


04/14/20 | Charles Roth | croth123[at]

Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I like the Tournament CT-3442. I bought mine in 2017 for a trip to the Galapagos Island and it has been my go-to travel tripod since. All in all, I keep looking at other tripods and then realize I still like the one I have...The Feisol Tournament CT-3442. Thanks again for a great product!

04/14/20 | Logan Champion | marine_2002[at]

You guys rock and thanks again for providing such quality products AND customer service!!

04/08/20 | Richard Brown | jolimon[at]

Thanks so much Michael for the great customer service and being the Feisol guy. Great products.


06/30/17 | Donald Jonasson | donjonasson[at]

WOW!! I have used the the heck out of and enjoyed the lightness and flexibility of my Feisol tripods over the years but I have been most impressed with the friendly, prompt, personal attention of the customer service I have received in that time. On the old tripod I have about 200 miles of backcountry backpacking a forty pound pack and a six pound video camera attached to the tripod on my shoulder.

Then there was the four months of (literally) run-and-gun following a forty-two foot canoe journey in Northern Scotland and the most recent following another three month canoe journey from a twenty two foot sailboat up the inside passage of British Columbia. All this involved expanding and collapsing the tripod thousands of times. Breaking parts is not the issue, good customer service is.

Again, thank you for your product and service. Don

06/24/17 | Victor Chirkin Taber | vic.chirkin[at]

I love your tripod! How often do you hear that, but I really do. Thank you so very much, Victor.

05/26/17 | Tim Taber | ktimtaber[at]

OMG Michael! Received the tripod this morning! Wow. is beautiful! Silky smooth. Double-wow.

I want to thank you again for your exceptional Customer Service. It reminds me of the type of service we received when we lived in Japan for awhile. Tell your boss to give you a raise. :) Have a good weekend, Tim

05/26/17 | Tim Taber | ktimtaber[at]

OMG Michael! Received the tripod this morning! Wow. is beautiful! Silky smooth. Double-wow.

I want to thank you again for your exceptional Customer Service. It reminds me of the type of service we received when we lived in Japan for awhile. Tell your boss to give you a raise. :) Have a good weekend, Tim

05/15/17 | Gordy Mitchell | gordyamitchell[at]

Thanks Michael, I'll let you know what I decide to try and do. Your customer service is fantastic. Either way I go, I will continue to recommend your products to all fellow photographers I know. Thanks again, Gordy

03/31/17 | Ken Lee | kentheaudiomonk[at]

I am so happy with this sort of customer service that I have posted this on my FaceBook Page, my photography FB page, and the Long Exposure Creativity, Long Exposure Photography, Improve Photography, and Photog Adventures FaceBook groups as well. This is amazing customer service, and you should be applauded for this. I like to tell you guys about great gear. But I LOVE to tell you about great gear with great customer service.

I use Feisol tripods. Never had an issue. But one of the locking levers, the metal thing that locks your legs to specific angles, fell off my Feisol CT-3372, a rock solid tripod I use constantly and love. On Sunday, I contacted Feisol, sending them two photos, with a photo of the locking levers at the top of the leg, and another with the pieces missing just to make sure there was no miscommunication, asking them how much it would be for a replacement.

They were extremely responsive, emailing back later that evening (!). They sent out a replacement locking lever and the associated pieces AND a complete metal sleeve assembly so I could see how it was put together and use that as a replacement as well. This arrived Thursday from the other side of the country. and it was free of charge!

They also sent some written instructions on how to assemble it. And despite my fumbly fingers, I installed everything and now, I have a perfectly functioning Feisol CT-3372 tripod again. EXCELLENT!!!

02/04/16 | Al LaVelle | alavelle[at]

Good morning Michael. I received the parts for my tripod yesterday. Thank you very much for your help, your courtesy, and for getting the parts out to me as quickly as you did. It's refreshing to know that there are those of you who still take your customer service as seriously as you do. As I've said before, you have made me a Feisol Customer for life! My best regards, Al.

11/17/14 | Kieron Nelson | nelsonsjourney[at]

Just a quick note that my order to Canada and shipping through USPS went seamlessly. I would recommend this to others. This is my third Feisol and the quality is excellent. Well done!

04/16/14 | Victor Ellison | contact[at]

I just want to express how happy I am with my Feisol CT-3372 legs matched with the CB-70D head. As a full time nature photographer, I must have reliable equipment. I’m not a brand cheerleader. I use a particular product not because of their fancy ad campaign or reputation among fellow photographers, but because it works. My new Feisol setup flat out works and then some. It’s incredibly stable. My photos are much sharper and I can get away with shooting in situations that would be unfriendly towards other tripods, such as moving water. Feisol is also tough as nails. I sat my pack down so that I could lay down on the ground to get a better angle on a shot. A powerful gust of wind came, and sent my pack tumbling with my new Feisol tripod still attached, right off a cliff. To my surprise, there were some scuffs and scrapes, but the tripod still functions perfectly! All this and it still costs significantly more than the competitors. You have a new loyal fan.

04/02/14 | Richard Corfield | Corfield.Richard[at]

Thank you, the tripod has arrived. I’m very impressed with it. I attached the 75mm bowl, and my Weifeng WF717 head – even though it’s just a 60mm bowl, it seems to attach perfectly. My camera is a Canon C300, and loaded up with the EVF, microphone and radio mic receivers the tripod handles it perfectly. It’s hard to believe that such a light rig can handle a relatively heavy camera, but panning and tilting is fine. Rock solid! My usual tripod is a Miller Compass 15. Beautiful, but gets heavy carrying it around. The feisol will be used on treks and other occasions when I’m on the move and operating solo or with one other colleague. Easy to jam the tripod onto a backpack. Can’t do that with the Miller. Thank you. This has been a significant and useful purchase. Better than I expected.

10/22/13 | James Kelly | jkcolumbia[at]

Your products are tops but your customer service is even better. Thanks again.

09/20/13 | Anello Sanvido | asan72[at]

I bly recommend the Feisol products. Amazing quality and superb customer service!

09/10/13 | Glenn Wessel | gwessel[at]

I want to thank you for the phone call and assisting me with my order very helpful

09/10/13 | Rob Lewis | rmlewis1[at]

Thanks for the excellent service. BTW A few of my fellow photographers have purchased from you since 2008 following my recommendations and comments on your great service – thanks

08/30/13 | Angela Carrion | kodie23[at]

I wanted to reach out and say Thank You VERY VERY Much. The parts that you sent me fixed the problem and my tripod is as good as new. It was an absolute pleasure and your customer service went above and beyond not to mention the fact of how pleasant and professional your correspondence has been in trying to help with my problem. In my humble opinion you are an absolute asset to your company.

07/18/13 | Tony Balzanto | tbalzanto[at]

I just wanted to follow up with you about how happy I am with the 3472….. Thanks again for guiding me right.

07/17/13 | Ron Caimano | Roncaimano[at]

This is why Feisol works for me. Ask a question and get an answer. Simple but effective service.

06/04/13 | Fred Hummelshein | fred.hummelsheim[at]

Thanks for your help and great customer service, i used my 3472 the last two weeks and was very satisfied with how it worked, thanks again.

05/17/13 | Bill Ross | wmtross[at]

Tell the "Boss" I'm one more happy customer.

04/17/13 | Adam Lerner | adam[at]

My new tripod system is fantastic - best I've owned and used hands down.

03/26/13 | David Smith | davsmith17[at]

This thing is a beast. It's amazing! It's tripod porn ... i can't stop looking at it. Mounted my Markins Ball Head [RED] on top with my D600 70-200 2.8 and she is steady as rock. Mounted the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly and she is a rock. You were right. The leveling center column is brilliant. This level of build quality makes a future Gimbal a consideration but the LV center column really works for what I am gonna shoot. The CB-50DC probably looks unreal on top. Hurley may be 'over the top' about stuff but he was right about this thing ... it's great.

03/22/13 | Erik Stensland | info[at]

Thank you for your great communication and the terrific customer service you provide. I'm a big supporter of Feisol and encourage many photographers both in person and in my writings to use your great equipment.

03/21/13 | Mitch Green | mgreen[at]

I just received my 3472LV tripod! It is a beast! I absolutely love it, I'm like a giddy kid! I have been using a Gitzo Traveller and yours is so much more solid and well designed. I'll be tweeting it up shortly. Thanks to everyone there for making such a fine product.

01/31/13 | Anello Sanvido | asan72[at]

I would like to emphasise that I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase of the Feisol Tripod. Great, great product! Thank you very much.

12/13/12 | Daniel Claus Reuter |danielclausreuter[at]

Thanks a lot for the great service Michael, will recommend Feisol in the future.

11/19/12 | Joe Hanley |j oeh1[at]

Thanks so much for your prompt service. I really appreciate the quick action and turn around! I didn't realize how much I liked my Feisol tripod until I had to go back to using my old tripod - a Gitzo carbon fiber model. Thanks again.

11/10/12 | Kent Vincent | vincentkent[at]

I received the tripod you repaired earlier this week. It works like new! Thank you very much for going the extra mile for me to get this back in normal working order.

11/02/12 | Chawn Crawley | chawn[at]

The Gitzo will serve as my landscaping rig. But the Feisol is the new studio attraction. You guys should be truly proud of yourselves. Incredible product!

10/26/12 | Bo Wang | lastduke[at]

I really appreciate your help on my case, please let me know where i can leave a good feedback for your service.

10/25/12 | Dave Abbott |dave[at]

Just a quick note to say thanks, - I received the panning base I ordered from you last month and picked it up from the forwarding address in Colorado while I was in the States, - very impressed with how small, light and smooth it is!

10/23/12 | Tyler Kandel | tylerkandel[at]

Got the tripod! Thank you so much. Couldn't speak higher of your customer service. I appreciate everything. All in time for my shoot tomorrow.

10/11/12 | Mike Melton | mike[at]

I just received my new monopod today, and I had to write to you. This thing is amazing. I own your CT-3401 and love it. I wanted something lighter for a trip to Costa Rica and ordered the CM-1443. I made the right choice. I can't believe how light this thing is, and I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for your awesome products!

10/11/12 | Marina Scarr | miniminsk[at]

I am very pleased with my FEISOL Mike and I am always promoting your tripods, esp to people who are always complaining about Gitzos.

12/14/12 | Daniel Westen | danWesten[at]

Thank you for the great FEISOL Elite Tripod CT-3472LV Rapid with Leveling Center Column.

09/12/12 | Ray Roback | rayroback[at]

You folks have a pretty impressive product line merged with super service. I will pass your name around. I wish you and Feisol all the best.

08/30/12 | Sharon McCormick | sharon4d[at]

Thank you for all your efforts Michael, you are a PRINCE!!!

08/23/12 | Kurt Rinne | rdracer66[at]

Thanks for all your help Michael, you've been nothing short of greatness!

08/23/12 | George Liberman | george1397[at]

LLast night I went out to shoot some images in our metro stations. I carried the tripod in one hand and my 5D with a 17-40 lens in the other. I also wore a vest which had a 70-200L lens in one pocket. I can't believe how light the tripod was. I moved it around from one station to another, 3 in total, spent 2 1/2 hours shooting and I wasn't tiered at all. I love this tripod. The ballhead was smooth and light. Thanks

01/02/11 | Lance Gilbert | jarlag[at]

First, let me just say upfront that I do not work for Feisol, nor have any link to the company at all (especially I do not know anyone that works there) and I have no investment in the company. But I recently purchased the Carbon Fiber model 1471 and used it for shooting pics at my daughter's field hockey tournament and loved it. I did have a problem with the twist locks where one of the rings popped out. I emailed them and their customer service was absolutely amazing. They sent me a label to return it and sent me a brand new one. No cost to me at all and fast turn around as well. I am truly amazed with this company's attention to details and the product itself is really excellent and much cheaper than an equivalent Gitzo. I do recommend this product.

10/04/08 | Daniel Baumgartner | daniel_baumgartner[at]

Thanks for your quick reply. I'm glad to hear, that you'll refund me the $ 45. You have not disappointed me during all these weeks. Great support and great tripod - especially now that it doesn't lean anymore. I'll keep on recommending Feisol. All the best to you and your team. Daniel

10/03/08 | Lowell | usty.woodbury[at]

ThThank you for your prompt attention. Your customer service support is excellent. Lowell

09/30/08 | Bill Davis | avis[at]

I WANT TO THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE GOOD AND QUICK SERVICE YOU HAVE EXTENDED TO OUR MEMBERS OF THE FORT WORTH CAMERA CLUB. AND THE GRANDBURY CAMERA CLUB. Steve Beil has placed a couple of orders for equipment. and we have a lot of happy members. and are really enjoying the products.

06/27/08 | Mark Anderson | desheng[at]

Much appreciated. And I really like the tripod - so light compared to the old Bogen I've used for the past 20 years. I'll pass on the word to other photographers.