Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do you recommend any regular maintenance for the FEISOL Tripods.

In order to keep your FEISOL tripod performing optimally for many years, we recommend that all moving parts be cleaned and lubricated periodically. This is especially true for the twist locks and the leg hinges. As a lubricant we recommend a mild grease or graphite. We do not recommend use of liquid lubricants. Please see our Care and Maintenance Manual for Tripods in the Manual section.

2. I like to use my FEISOL tripod at the beach. Do I have to worry about saltwater or sand?

FEISOL Tripods have an excellent record of standing up to water, including saltwater. Nevertheless, we suggest that you rinse or wipe your tripod with a wet cloth before collapsing the legs in the beach environment. This is especially true if there is sand or grime on the legs. If left unaddressed, small particles tend to work themselves into the twistlocks and can damage the threads and rings.

3. I need my new FEISOL Tripod quickly. Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes, we do. Second day shipping usually costs just under $ 40 to most places in the continental US. Overnight shipping is a bit more.

4. How long will it take to ship my new FEISOL Tripod to me?

Normally, we ship via FedEx Ground to the continental US. Most customers in the Eastern US receive their shipment in three days, while it takes 4-5 days to the West Coast. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, and Europe may take a bit longer.

5. Which carrier do you use for international shipping?

For international shipping, we use the US Postal Service's International Express Mail. We have found this option to be reliable and reasonably priced. Most shipments arrive at their destination in 5 business days.

6. For my international order, can you enter a reduced value on the customs declaration form?

Sorry, we cannot file a false declaration - otherwise, we might jeapardize our international shipping privileges and our ability to make the great FEISOL products available to you.

7. Will I receive a tracking number on my shipment

Yes, FedEx will e-mail you your tracking number the day your order was shipped, as soon as the number is traceable in the shipper's system.

8. Does FEISOL USA service FEISOL tripods which were purchased directly in Taiwan?

We are glad to service any current model FEISOL tripod, regardless of where it was purchased. For service on older models, please contact Orion at

9. I have lost a part off my FEISOL tripod or ballhead. Does FEISOL USA carry spare parts?

We stock an assortment of spare parts. If we don’t have it, we can probably get it.

10. Which FEISOL Tripod better fits my need: Standard Class or Tournament Class

Advantages of the Standard Class are: • It is more economical • It features Mid-sized Platform, therefore both the smaller CB-30C, the medium sized CB-40D, and the larger CB-50D (CB-50DC) Ballheads can be used with it Advantages of the Tournament Class are: • It is reverse-foldable over the CB-50D Ballhead, making it superbly compact • All metal parts are CNC-machined, making them stronger, lighter, and more exacting • It is freshwater-resistant Conclusion: While Standard Class Tripods are great all-around Tripods, the Tournament Class Tripods are just a little bit better in all dimensions, adding up to our best-selling and most enthusiastically received Tripods.

11. Which FEISOL Tripod better fits my need: Traveler Class or Tournament Class?

Advantages of the Traveler Class (CT-3441S) are: - It includes a Center Column. - It is available as a complete Traveler Package (CT-3441SB) including the CB-30C or CB-40D ballhead. - Despite it's smaller folded size, the Traveler is actually even taller when fully extended, thanks to its telescoping two-section Center Column. - Its superb Lightness and Compactness makes this the perfect Travel Tripod Advantages of the Tournament Class (CT-3442) are: - The longer legs and larger platform diameter of the Tournament Class Tripod result in a wider stance, therefore offering greater support and stability. - The larger Platform allows for the use of the CB-50D Ballhead and the legs still reverse-fold over it, making the tripod still very compact. - It takes a full range of FEISOL Tripod Accessories which makes the Tournament Class Tripod more versatile. Conclusion: We are extremely proud of both of these Tripod-Classes: The Traveler Class is designed with the emphasis on unbeatable portability, lightness, and compactness – to fit in any backpack or carry-on, and still be easy to operate and offer superb performance. The Tournament Class is designed with emphasis on versatility: It is still exceedingly light and compact, yet offers the stability of a larger Tripod. So, bottom line, if every inch and ounce counts, the CT-3441S is your choice. If an extra two inches and two ounces do not particularly concern you, then you ought to take a serious look at the CT-3442.

12. I am interested in a Large Tripod: Is it worth paying the extra money for the CT-3372 or CT-3472, rather than just buying the less expensive CT-3371 or CT-3471?

The Advantage of the CT-3371 & CT-3471is: • You get a remarkable Large Tripod at a very attractive price The Advantages of the CT-3372 & CT-3472 are: • All metal parts are CNC-machined, making them stronger, lighter, and more exacting • They are freshwater-resistant Conclusion: Are the “72’s” worth the extra money? That is really a philosophical question: If you are a person who values the peace-of-mind associated with having “the best” of something, you will probably find the “72’s” to be worth every bit of the extra expense.

13. What accessories can I use with the Traveler Tripods?

The Traveler Tripods are designed to be a complete package for the weight – and space-conscious photographer. Therefore it accepts only a ballhead (CB-30C), spikes (long or short), and Short Column (CC-2807).

14. Which FEISOL Tripods and Monopods accept spikes, which ones are correct, and how are they installed?

All current model FEISOL Tripods and Monopods accept spikes. For all 28mm legs (Standard, Traveler, Tournament class Tripods and CM-1401 Monopod) Long and Short Spikes are available. For 32mm legs (Large Tripods and CM-1471 Monopod) Stainless and Aluminum Spikes are available. Spikes are installed by removing the rubber pad at the tip of the leg and screwing the spike into threaded opening.

15. Is the platform of the CM-1401 Monopod made of plastic?

Yes, The platform of the CM-1401 is made of Plastic because it comes with a ¼’’ screw, making it possible to directly mount a camera on the Monopod. If the platform were made of metal, contact with the metal camera body would likely result in damage to the camera. If you want to use the CM-1401 with a Ballhead or Quick Release Clamp, we will be glad to send you a 1/4" to 3/8" adapter for the screw.

16. Do Feisol Tripods have non-rotating legs?

Yes, all New FEISOL Tripods and Monopods are now available with our new Rapid technology, which allows the legs to be non-rotating without the loss of stability. For your convenience, we also continue to make the Traditional version of the FEISOL Tripods and Monopods available. They are equipped with the traditional rotating legs.

17. Which FEISOL Ballheads have a built-in Panning Base?

The FEISOL Ballheads CB-40D, CB-50D, and CB-70D include Panning Bases. This feature was omitted on the small Ballhead CB-30C in order to make it as light and compact as possible.