MAG 1 Marine Grease, 3 ounce




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  • Specially formulated with premium, state-of-the-art lithium complex grease for all FEISOL tripod and monopod legs. To be applied periodically to all parts which experience metal-on-metal movement. This is a tacky grease which resists water washout even under the most severe conditions - including saltwater. Note: A grease-gun is needed for use with this product.

    - Resistant to water washout - even salt water
    - Superior protection against rust, corrosion & oxidation
    - Functions well under severe conditions. High melting point (500°F) (260°C)

    1 Tube with 3 ounces of grease.

    For cleaning and lubrication instructions please see our FEISOL Tripod and Monopod Maintenance Manual.


    Weight 3 ounces