FEISOL Monopod CM-1473 Rapid


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  • Taking the Monopod to the Next Level

    The all NEW FEISOL CM-1473 Rapid Four-Section Monopod offers the very best of both worlds - It is a thoroughbred FEISOL monopod with all its familiar benefits: It offers support and security in tight spaces or when a quick set-up is crucial, such as at sports events, concerts, presentations, or any crowded venue.

    For added stability, it features three support legs which can be instantly unfolded to assist in steadying the Monopod for sharp images even in difficult conditions.

    For a vantage point above the crowd, the CM-1473 can be fully extended to a height of almost 7 feet with support legs in place.

    Advanced features of the FEISOL CM-1473 Rapid Monopod include
    - FEISOL's new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology.
    - Carbon fiber construction with maximum 37 mm (1.46 in) leg diameter for optimum durability.
    - Three carbon-fiber support legs allowing for an extended maximum height of 204 cm (80.32 in).
    - Heavy-duty 11 kg (25 lb) capacity to meet the most demanding weight requirements, 5 kg (11 lb) with support legs extended.
    - 3/8" mounting screw for ball head and other accessories, with reversible 1/4" screw for direct camera attachment.
    - Highly durable aluminum-alloy CNC machined mounting plate and twist locks with multi-layer finishing.
    - Base diameter of 60 mm (2.36 in).
    - Support Leg diameter of 19 mm (0.75 in).
    - An attractive carrying bag is included.

    Optional accessories include an interchangeable stainless steel spike for muddy or snowy terrain. This next generation FEISOL Monopod affords professionals and enthusiasts an added advantage to take their craft to the next level. Join those who depend upon FEISOL monopods to deliver award-winning results in the toughest conditions.

    Rapid Technology
    Tripods and Monopods featuring this symbol are equipped with FEISOL's Rapid System which prevents leg sections from rotating while the Tripod / Monopod is being set up. Benefits of this innovative technology include:

    ► Ultra Fast and Effortless Setup and Breakdown
    ► One-Handed Adjustments can be made
    ► No more Strain in Tightening and Loosening Knobs
    ► Highly Recommended for Settings requiring frequent Adjustments or Moves
    Water Resistant
    Tripods and Monopods featuring this symbol are suited for use in saltwater environments. FEISOL Tripods and Monopods are crafted of superb Carbon and anodized Aluminum, earning them a solid reputation for superior performance in punishing saltwater. Benefits include:

    ► Exceptional Longevity
    ► Extreme Resistance to Corrosion
    ► Perfect Companion for Water-Resistant Cameras
    ► Also Suitable for Snow and Ice
    ► Requisite for Bird, Nature, and Surf Photography


    Base Diameter 60 mm / 2.36 in
    Folded Length 0.59 m / 23.23 in
    Maximum Height 2.04 m / 80.32 in
    Maximum Load Capacity 5.00 kg / 11.00 lb
    Minimum Height 0.59 m / 23.23 in
    Weight 0.91 kg / 2.01 lb

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