FEISOL UA-180 Carbon Gimbal


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  • The Ultimate Light-Weight Support System for Large Lenses

    The UA-180 Carbon U-Mount is the latest FEISOL innovation and represents a design-breakthrough in balance and stability for your large lenses - up yo 6.4" (16cm) in diameter across the mount's trapeze - yet weights only 3.84 lb (1.74 kg). The results speak for themselves.

    The frame of the UA-180 can be precision calibrated in height and width to find the perfect center of gravity for your equipment. Integrated scales make the adjustment process effortless.

    Optimal weight-transfer to the exact center of the tripod serves to protect your valuable gear.

    The FEISOL UA-180 is constructed of advanced carbon, using state of the art production engineering, delivering unmatched stability and control.

    As an added bonus, the UA-180's base plate can be rotated by 360 degrees and features a panning function with degree indicator.

    Included with the UA-180 U-Mount is an 8" (20cm) QP-200 Quick Release Plate, which connect your lens with the mount - optional QP-300 and QP-400 Plates are available for additional support.

    The FEISOL UA-180 is the perfect companion for 200mm f/1.8, 300mm f/2.8 and larger lenses. The UA-180 U-Mount sets a new standard in large lens stability, unmatched by others, a must have for the professional and serious amateur.


    Height 11.22 in / 25.50 cm
    Weight 3.84 lb / 1.74 kg
    Width 13.78 in / 28.50 cm

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