FEISOL Short Center Column CC-3711


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  • This short Center Column can be substituted in seconds for a standard long Center Column. It delivers a slight lift where needed and allows for the tripod to be used low to the ground without interference from the length of a standard Center Column.
    Exclusively for large FEISOL Classic tripods CT-3371 and CT-3471, as well as for FEISOL Elite tripods CT-3372 and CT-3472 (does not fit models CT-3372LV and CT-3472LV).

    Features include:

    - Exclusive FEISOL carbon-fiber design and engineering
    - Weight: 0.42 lb (19g)
    - Mounting Diameter: 3.1" (80 mm) with 3/8" screw
    - Length: 4.13" (10.50 cm) for a 3.7" (95 mm) lift
    - Tube Diameter: 1.5" (37 mm)
    - Includes Weight Hook

    Note: To be used in conjunction with FEISOL Long Center Column Kit. Cannot be used alone.


    Weight 0.19 kg / 0.42 lb