FEISOL Horizontal Adapter PB-90HA


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  • Converts your FEISOL tripod for horizontal use, screws onto the tripod. Designed for FEISOL Large Classic (CT-3371 and CT-3471) and Elite tripods (CT-3372, CT-3472, CT-3372LV and CT-3472LV).
    Note: A 37mm Column is needed for use.

    Features include:
    - Integrated Panning Base with laser-engraved markings
    - FEISOL precision constructed of lightweight CNC-milled aluminum
    - Thread Size: 3/8"
    - Base Diameter: 3.5" (90mm)
    - Height: 6.10" (15. 50 cm)
    - Weight: 1.96 lbs (890g)


    Weight 0.89 kg / 1.96 lb