FEISOL Ball Head CB-50D


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  • Shooting customers please purchase our CRETAC SBH-50D Ball Head. It was specifically designed for the shooting community.

    Specially designed for Tournament Tripods! Also works well with Standard and Large Tripods.

    The FEISOL CB-50D Ball Head offers one of the most innovative locking systems available through our own design: the dual-caliper locking mechanism. This unique method features two locking systems, one to lock the ball head sphere, the other to lock the base plate for even greater stability.

    This allows for the added capability of rotating the base plate while maintaining a locked sphere. Among its features a cutout for portrait mode photography. A Quick Release Plate QP-144750 is included.

    Designed especially for FEISOL's Tournament Class Tripods, the ball head knobs of the CB-50D will not touch the tripod's leg tubes in its reverse folding position.

    FEISOL Ball Heads are manufactured with the highest precision CNC machine tools using the highest grade of alloys. We achieve perfection in our products so that you can achieve perfection in yours.

    Please read the Manual for proper operation.


    Ball Diameter 50 mm / 1.97 in
    Base Diameter 70 mm / 2.8 in
    Height 108 mm / 4.25 in
    Maximum Load Capacity 19.00 kg / 41.00 lb
    Thread Size 3/8"
    Weight 0.56 kg / 1.23 lb

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