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    Review of Travel Tripod CT-3441S Review by George Mendel
    Review of Travel Tripod CT-3441S

    I just recieved the tripod today, and found it to be very well made (better than expected)! After many hours of searching the web for a tripod that would fit in a airline approved cary-on travel case(not on the diagonal) & extend high enough to be actually useful, I found that this one was the only one made.

    It is almost as sturdy/stiff as my heavier and much bigger tirpod (of well respected name). I feel comfortable useing this with all of my cameras from 35mm to field view.

    The build quality is well above any tripod I have seen in the same price class, and for function, better in comparison to most tripods in the same size/weight class. The only tripod that I have seen that would compare, is too short when extended to be really useful for professional use.

    Cost savings was a bonus on this unit, as function is reallly the only reason I bought one more tripod.

    Thank you
    The CT-3441S is my second Feisol tripod Review by Timothy Johnson
    The CT-3441S is my second Feisol tripod, I also have a CT-3472 . First thing I thought was that it was much lighter than my other tripod (a Plus), and will be great for traveling. Used it today, and it seemed pretty stable, but not sure how it will be with some breeze/wind in the air. It may seem trivial, but I don't like the carrying bag that comes with it. With my Arca-Swiss ball head on it, I cant use the bag. It doesnt fit, even with the legs flipped around. If I knew this before I made the purchase, I might have picked up one of the Feisol ball heads that "should fit" in the bag. Thats my only issue so far.

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