Cleaning & Reconditioning Service




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  • Do the legs of your FEISOL Tripod or Monopod not move as smoothly as they used to? Do you have to bear down on the Twist Locks or Angle Locks for them to hold tight? Do you hear a crunching sound in the legs of your Tripod since you were caught in a sand storm on your last shoot? Has it been a too long since your pod has been thoroughly cleaned?

    Our Reconditioning Service is designed to help you with all these issues and much more.

    Included are:
    • Thorough Cleaning of all moving parts
    • Re-Lubricating
    • Replacement of any compression rings showing wear

    Please send your Tripod or Monopod to:

    FEISOL Service
    609A Piner Road, Suite 141
    Wilmington, NC 28409